★ Mimi Kitapi

Comic artist. Character designer.

This is what Mimi can do

A display of her best and most favourite works

  1. Utilising PaintTool SAI and a drawing tablet to create colourful illustrations in various styles and techniques.
  2. Works in 300ppi to give clients their concepts and illustrations in high print-definition.
  3. Self-disciplined-- has been perfecting her skills and refining her techniques-- for eight years.

Things Mimi can also do:

This is how Mimi fares

Credentials, Skill Levels, etc.

Digital Art Skillset
Software Competence
PaintToolSAI ★★★★★
Adobe Photoshop CC ★★★★☆
Inkscape ★★★☆☆
Web Development Skillset
Language Competence
HTML5 ★★★★☆
CSS3/Sass ★★★★★
JQuery ★★☆☆☆
Media Production Skillset
Software Competence
Adobe Premiere CC ★★★☆☆
Adobe After Effects CC ★★★☆☆