★ Mimi Kitapi

Comic artist. Character designer.

Contacting Mimi Kitapi

It's easy to get in touch

Mimi is available for general and commission enquiries via email.
Please allow three days for a response.

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Commission Information

This is how to get the most out of Mimi's services

Mimi Kitapi currently offers her services in producing illustrations and concepts.

  1. Please be as specific as possible!
    • Illustration: Provide clear and easy-to-understand reference images of the character.
    • Concept Art: Prompts and initial ideas are preferred.
  2. Pricing and Waiting Time will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
    • The average price for a painted illustration will be £35.
    • PayPal is the preferred method of payment as currency conversion is automatically handled there.
    • Mimi will try to complete commissioned work within one month of finalising.
  3. Half of the payment will be requested after an initial sketch.
    • This will be when the commission will be finalised and no further major changes can be requested.
  4. You will receive full rights to the image.
    • Mimi may publish a low-res version of the image on this website, however.
Mimi will not do a commission on the following: Any further questions? Do not hestitate to ask!