★ Mimi Kitapi

Comic artist. Character designer.

Engaging character designs and concepts eight years in the making.

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This is Mimi Kitapi

Comic artist. Character designer.

Mimi Kitapi is a young illustrator from the middle of England.

Influenced by the works that defined her childhood and motivated by her concentrated passion for them, Mimi aims to spread the very emotions and feelings she gets from nostalgic things onto future generations through a blend of illustration, storytelling, and tapping into the past in unseen ways.

She is currently in her third year of her degree studying Media Production and since has discovered new ways to achieve her aim.

This is Of Flowers & Pinwheels

Teletubbies like you've never seen them before.

Formerly School of Ragdoll, Mimi Kitapi's long-form webcomic humanises the familiar Teletubbies and tells a story of friendship and handling one's legacy in their own perspectives as young adults in the present day.

While in its current form it is a work in progress, School of Ragdoll is successful in engaging younger and older readers alike and has been running since September 2014 with over 90 comic strips in its archive.